People Operations Specialist

Salt Lake City, UT
United States

Experience Required
Degree Required
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Job Description
SmithRx, a San Francisco based healthcare technology company, is opening an Operations Center in Salt Lake City in Q4 2019. We are looking for a versatile and well-rounded team member to be our local People Operations presence for the office that will be built in Salt Lake City over the coming months. This position will report to our Head of People, who is based in San Francisco.
About SmithRx
Join the fast-growing company that is tackling U.S. healthcare’s least-appreciated problem - pharmacy benefits.
Based in San Francisco, SmithRx was founded in 2016 to create a modern pharmacy benefit management (PBM) platform. PBMs administer and manage pharmacy benefits for companies and health plans to achieve cost savings and ensure patients have a seamless experience when purchasing prescription drugs. PBMs serve as the system of record for who is covered for what drugs at what price and handle the back end services that make it possible for everyday Americans to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choice.
Over the past few decades, traditional PBMs have grown to become very powerful middlemen and exceedingly profitable entities as companies and patients have borne the burden of exploding prescription drug prices in America. This has drawn the attention of the federal and state governments, who are putting the traditional PBM business model under a microscope and are pushing for changes. Enter SmithRx - we apply fresh, efficient, user-friendly technology and an aligned business model for our customers and patients so that they may receive the best pricing and service.
Each year, nearly half a trillion dollars flow through pharmacy benefit managers, with three large companies controlling 75%+ market share. SmithRx, as the only startup PBM in Silicon Valley, is offering a new path forward.
SmithRx brings together experience from healthcare companies including Anthem, Athena Health, and Collective Health as well as a broader set of technology leaders including LinkedIn, Facebook, Zynga, and Glassdoor, to solve what we believe is one of the largest problems in U.S. healthcare.
Who We Are
SmithRx team members, at our core, are two things: mission-driven and collaborative. We all believe that the U.S. healthcare system is in need of fixing and we come to work each day dedicated to making this change a reality. We are collaborative and believe we will only accomplish our lofty company goals if we work as one cohesive team.
In our work here, we consistently point to our three company values to help guide us with tricky situations we may face:
Integrity. Do the right thing. Especially when it’s hard.
Courage. Embrace the challenge.
Together. Build bridges and lift up your colleagues.

Role Responsibilities

    • You will touch all aspects of our office operations in Salt Lake City (SLC) including, but not limited to, recruiting, recruiting coordination, onboarding, office management, culture, and day-to-day People Operations (HR) activities.
    • Recruiting. Review resumes, screen candidates, source candidates, and manage the process by which we staff out our team for Q4.
    • Recruiting Coordination. Setup candidate interviews and manage the recruiting process logistics for candidates to ensure a positive candidate experience for all who interact with SmithRx.
    • Onboarding. Handle all logistics related to new hires starting in our SLC office - take hands on approach to ensure new hires can begin making business impact as quickly as possible.
    • Office Management. Run all logistics related to the functioning of our SLC office from receiving guests to shipments, office supplies, pantry/food programs, and other related items. Work cross-functionally with employees to understand and anticipate evolving workplace needs.
    • People Operations activities. Handle general HR matters as they arise for our SLC employees - help them with whatever questions that may arise to ensure a top-notch employee experience.
    • Culture. You are the standard-bearer of the SmithRx culture in SLC and are actively working to shape our workplace in accordance with our company values.
    • Support SF operation. Willingness to assist with People Operations activities outside of the SLC office (remotely from SLC) at the request of the Head of People.

A Little More About You

    • 5+ years experience across recruiting, office management, HR, and/or People Operations
    • Demonstrated ability to be flexible and a can-do attitude
    • Experience working at a fast-growing startup is a plus
    • Willingness to spend a good portion of Q3 in San Francisco learning our business and culture
    • Passion for people and for helping / taking care of others