More and more, employers are pre-qualifying applicants with what they find on line. Putting your resume online helps employers find you.  Make sure your resume is rich in key words associated with the type of work you want to find.   Use a disposable e-mail on your resume like you get from and only use it for your job search.  That way, when you're through with the job search, you can delete the account and avoid a lot of spam and junk mail after you've found a job. Save your resume in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf format and do not name it resume, use a unique title for the job in which you are applying.  

Proofread!  Proofread!  Proofread!  Nothing turns off an employer or hr type that typos.  If you're sloppy with your resume, you'll probably be sloppy at work.  It may not be fair but that's the way it is in this employment market.  The smart hiring types have learned to look for "knock-outs" in your resume - reasons to eliminate you from consideration. 

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Good job hunting!
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