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Pre-qualify your job applicants when you write you help wanted ads and  job postings!
Every hiring manager right now is facing the problem of too many applicants or too many unqualified applicants.  Did you know that you can begin to pre-qualify your applicants with two small changes in thew way your write your job postings or  help wanted ads.  Read More

Writing Effective Job Postings
When you’re looking to hire new employees, you want to write ads for your open positions that will draw great candidates to your business and eliminate weak candidates. You want candidates who are both strong and a good fit for the kind of job you have available.  An effective help wanted ad, whether it is to be used online or in print will help you successfully achieve these goals.  Read More.

Quality Interviews are the key to quality hiring!
Hire the right person and he or she will help you drive revenue and decrease your troubles.  Hire the wrong person and you’ve got bigger troubles.  So, when it’s time to hire, it’s critical to your business that you chose the right person.  One of the key steps in effective hiring is conducting solid interviews that help you discover the best talent and the best fit. Read More

Don't Ask the No-No questions when interviewing!
One of the most common interviewing mistakes employers make is asking job seekers illegal questions.  There are some things you can ask and some things you can’t ask.  Some may seem silly but people have asked them. Read More.

Use Behavior Based Interview Questions to Find the Right Fit
Are you looking for behavior based interviewing questions to give you insight into job seekers during the interview process? Here are several questions each for several different scenarios. Please keep in mind these are only suggestions, they might be “thought starters” to help you craft specific questions that will help you discover the job seekers that fits your need best  Read More.

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